From the dark into the light, with sinister poetic songs about suffering, death, murder, about revenge and forgiving and all the other bloody truths of human life, Dean Roca and his kinsmen are coming around the bend with their meanwhile second longplayer. The sombre magick of this Poe-esque maelstrom of an album is simply irresistible.

Produced by the long-term THE SPOOK fan and Kreator-mainman Mille Petrozza and Ross Feratu himself, and mixed as well as mastered by no one less than the internationally renowned Grammy Award winner Andy Sneap (Testament, Cradle Of Filth, Megadeth, Soulfly, Trivium, Caliban, As I Lay Dying), THE SPOOK’s „Let There Be Dark“ is a pearl of dark rock music which will make your heart beat faster, cleanse your soul and cause your muscles to convulse. The pressing, transparent, indecent production can only be described by the term coined by the band themselves: „GRAVEROCK DELUXE“, creating a powerful gloomy synthesis between – and crossing the borders separating – Horrorpunk, Deathrock, Metal, Stoner-Rock, and Wave-Gothik: „Let There Be Dark“ will blow fans away!

As THE SPOOK is already one of the absolute favourites of many musicians, it is not surprising that Cradle of Filth’s Dave Pybus played bass on one of the new album’s tracks. Backing vocals were recorded by Blitzkid’s Goolsby and TB as well as the Popzilla’s Yvy Pop.

When Ozzy Osbourne and ex-Rob Zombie bass player Blasko heard the first rough mixes of the new album he went into raptures: „This shit rocks! It’s amazing stuff! I simply love this band: THE SPOOK are one of my favs and the new songs sound like a natural progression, while still maintaining the ‘horror rock’ aesthetic. I anxiously await the new record!“ Whoever still has doubts about the quality, the authenticity and the whole concept of the band now must simply have hibernated through the last 30 years of rock music. GRAVEROCK can plainly not be more powerful, more succinct, or more alive – anticipate the upcoming tour and festival shows!



DEAN ROCA – vocals

ROSS FERATU – guitar

KARL OFF – guitar


SIM REAPER – keyboards

VIC CHAINS – drums


2001: Fright Night EP (People Like You Records)
2002: Some Like It Dead (People Like You Records)
2007: Let There Be Dark (Fiendforce Records)
plus several 7″es, CD Compilations, Split-7″es and a lot more