society 1


“Society 1 captures the essence of abuse, overkill and ultimate inspiration…” 

One of the many quotes that describe what Society 1 has become since their inception. Love or hate what Society 1 standfor, no one can argue with the controversial recognition of this band. They have pushed limits that didn’t even exist in terms of their live body suspension performances. They have blurred the lines of music credibility versus sexual exploration. At one point within the bands career lead singer Matt “The Lord” Zane created an entire philosophy based on his lyrical messages which ultimately lead to him publishing the book “Doctrines of the Infernal Process”. This band is not ordinary. Society 1 isn’t just about music. To look at them as just a band would mean to deny what they actually are, a social experience and cult art statement. This forces one to consider the possibility that a band, on rare occasions, can be much more than four guys playing music.


Matt “The Lord” Zane – vocals, programming, guitar
Dirt Von Karloff – bass, backing vocals
Billie Stevens – guitar
Preston Nash – drums


-Slacker Jesus (InZane Records, 2000)
-Words as Carriers (InZane Records, 2002)
-Exit Through Fear (Earache Records, 2003)
-The Sound that Ends Creation (Earache Records, 2005)
-The Years of Spiritual Dissent (Crash Music, 2006)
-A Journey from Exile (2011)