During the nu metal movement of the early two thousands and late nineties Montreal’s Slaves on Dope were one of the first out of the gate.
Having being bitten by the bug of thunderous chugs and low slung and detuned guitars early on the band,
left our digs for the sunny beaches of Los Angeles and were quickly signed up to Sharon Osbourne’s Divine records releasing the highly successful 2001 Inches From the Mainline and touring endlessly including the highly touted Ozzfest tour.
After a brief hiatus with the band returning back to their home of Montreal Slaves on Dope proved they were playing for keeps with upcoming 2011’s Over the Influence.

Line Up:

Jason Rockman (Vocals)
Kevin Jardine (Guitars)
Peter Tzaferis ( Drums)
Sebastien Ducap ( Bass)


One Good Turn Deserves Another (1998)
Inches from the Mainline (2000)
Metafour (2003)
Over the Influence (2012)