Re-Armed have been up since 2001, when five guys in Kerava, Finland decided to start playing music similar to so-called “Göteborg metal”. Their musical style has evolved along with many critically acclaimed demo tapes and with well taken debut album. Becoming a style that is combination of technical, grooving death metal with thrash and grind influences, spiced up with melodic lines. ”Nowadays we call it simply, Extreme Metal”. During the years some line-up changes have occurred the band but they have still managed to grow musically, as well as individuals. Be sure to get your hands on the debut album ”Worldwide Hypnotize”, which was released thru Massacre Records in january 2012. After releasing the album Re-Armed supported Chimaira on their ”The Age of Hell” -European tour and promote itself to metalheads in Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.
Upcoming.. Summer 2012 will be hectic and awesome for the band. Re-Armed will join on tour with legendary
Suffocation and intense Origin. Tour is called ”The End of Humanity” and it will crush its way around Europe and
destroy all in its path. Re-Armed will also make its first big out door festival appearance in UK’s most wanted
metalfest Bloodstock Open Air. The line up is more than brilliant: Alice Cooper, Dimmu Borgir, Testament,
Sepultura, to name a few.. – RE-ARMED SINCE 2001.
Tommi Helkalahti: Leadguitar
Jouni Matilainen: Vocals
Kari “Kärtsy” Hatakka: Bass (Singer +  Bass at WALTARI)
EP Mäkinen – Guitars
Mart Mardisalu: Drums
Worldwide Hypnotize – 2012